Sexymimiyang and Sexparter s story 

In shadows deep, where passion thrives,
A soul named Sexymimiyang arrives.
Three years adorned in this sacred art,
Guiding desire, with a knowing heart.

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1What Is TPE?
TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer and is a material made from a physical mix of polymers such as plastic and rubber. Furthermore, TPE:Is very moldable, making it perfect for sex dolls. TPE feels most like human skin. It is bouncy and allows for sex dolls to have that realistic jiggle. TPE warms to the touch. TPE is one of the most widely used materials for sex toys. You can find TPE in everyday items such as toothbrush handles, soft-tipped spoons for babies and dental guards. TPE is easily used in injection molding, creating lifelike sex doll parts such as the labia. TPE has no strong chemical odor and is body-safe. TPE is very stretchy and elastic, making skin more realistic. TPE is often considerably cheaper than Silicone.
217 Easy Steps to Order a Custom Sex Doll
Ordering a sex doll with customizations, Once you have registered and found the right sex doll for you, click on her photo and you’ll be taken to her page. Scroll down and let the customizing begin!STEP 1Select your sex doll’s skin tone. You may love the sex doll you’ve chosen but think she would look better with a golden tan or delicate, porcelain skin.STEP 2Select your sex doll’s hair style. Whether you love blonde curls, a cute hair style or long-flowing locks, you can choose the hair style that frames your sex doll’s delicate features beautifully.STEP 3Select your sex doll’s eye color. You will be staring into those enchanting eyes for many years to come, so choose the color that makes your heart race.STEP 4Select your sex doll’s fingernail color. With beautiful French tips, the right nail color will set off her delicate hands. Remember, you can paint and add nail decals once she is all yoursSTEP 5Select your sex doll’s toenail color. There is nothing like pretty feet with perfectly painted toenails. Therefore, choose the color that you feel will make her feet caressable.STEP 6Select your doll’s breast type. Whether you like full, heavy breasts, soft pillows to snuggle up to or our extremely realistic gel-filled breasts, we guarantee you will savor the softness and bounce no matter which you choose.STEP 7Choose your doll’s nipple size. No matter what the breast size, a beautiful areola and nipple make them the perfect pair.STEP 8Time to choose your sex doll’s nipple color. From light to dark, each nipple color will accent her skin tone and make her breasts more touchable and lickable.STEP 9Choose your sex doll’s vagina hair type. If you like a smooth, clean-shaven vagina, you can have that at no additional charge. However, if you love light, medium or thicker pubic hair, you can have that too.STEP 10Next, you have a choice of vagina types. Whether you love the ultra-realistic look of a fixed vagina or the cleaning and customizing options you get with a removable vagina, either choice is included in the price of your sex doll.STEP 11Now, you can choose your doll’s mouth. The standard mouth is wonderfully realist but the enhanced mouth offers more detail and an incredible oral experience. Either way, your sex doll’s mouth will be lovely and kissable.STEP 11Choose from our standard or standing feet. Both are lifelike, soft and human-like, but the standing option allows for your doll to bear her own weight and be posed in a variety of standing, or bending over, positions.STEP 12Choose from standard or enhanced shoulders. Although the standard shoulder is absolutely perfect, the enhanced shoulder enables your sex doll to be moved into more natural, human-like positions.STEP 14This step isn’t standard with all dolls but is common with our WM sex dolls. This is the insertable penis option. So, if you want to change things up and try something new, you can choose from two sizes of insertable penises.STEP 15Would you like to choose the storage hook add-on? For a minimal cost, you’ll be able to hang your doll the way the manufacturers do! This will keep your doll’s skin looking pristine while protecting it from creasing and skin abrasions.STEP 16Would you like to choose our deluxe flight case? Sure, you can hang onto the shipping box that came with your doll. However, our reinforced flight case is heavy-duty, allows you to lock your sex doll up for privacy and includes wheels to make it easy to move around.STEP 17Once you reach the bottom of the page, you’ll see the grand total of your sex doll with any options you have chosen. Simply click the “Add to Cart'' bar and you’re finished! Then, simply go to the cart, click and check out. Your doll will be on the way to you before you know it!
3How Long Do Sex Dolls Last?
A sex doll can last up to 10 years, and maybe longer, if the doll is cared for properly. For example, if you use your sex doll companion frequently, do not wash her regularly and store her in hot or humid areas, she will not last long at all.Therefore, it is important to clean, dry and care for your sex doll on a regular basis. When this is adhered to, you will be protecting your investment and increasing the longevity of your doll. Furthermore, to give you an even better idea of how long sex dolls last, The Doll Forum has an extensive area dedicated strictly to the buying and selling of previously lov ed dolls.Considering people are reselling their preowned dolls, we believe it speaks volumes as to how well-made and high quality sex dolls really are.
4How long will it take for my product to arrive
In case of ‘International Air Freight Line Transportation’ delivery method is provided, general International shipping time is approximately 1-2 weeks.
5The Outer Box Will Have Any Words Aboult Sex Product When Send ?
You can be reassured that all of our adult sex toys come discreetly packaged.


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